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SAFETY through process management in the hospitality industry
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Optimal results will be gained through our main process, which is based on scientific and statistic surveys and experiences we have made worldwide.

The main process consists of the following key factors:


Our customers are able to retrieve all documentations through the MEMBER ACCESS. They are granted access to the progress of our work and it gives them an overview of the current status of work.

The online access guarantees fast and simple communication with your Activmanager, who will be ready to help you immediately or very quickly.
Maximum possible and sustainable transparency allows sitting back and relaxing. You can be sure that the partnership with Activgastro will pay off in all aspects.  


Activgastro is recommended to companies, who want to develop and unfold for a successful future.


With focused processes, we will create a solid, high-quality basis, which finally leads to satisfied employees, who identify with the company and are precious capital.

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